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AKN SKN HOUSE has a vision to develop more innovative collections that connect with marine technology. Akin Skin also aims to associate with the people, as well as the places that we source our ingredients from as well as develop the Finch Foundation in Kenya

Heritage and History.

Akin to Skin Science & Nature adventure you can say started way back in 1841, inspired by the Elizabeth's great great grandfather Beridad, not only a farmer but also a politian. Elizabeth, the founder, is motivated by his ethics of looking after the earth's land and people with integrity when other black people in other parts of the world were in bondage through slavery. Elizabeth created & established The Akin Skin House with the same traditional principles of working hard to look after our earth's habitat.

There are over 200 flower farms in Kenya, thus incorporating our floral heritage in formulations comes naturally and our 24k Rose Collection is named after grandmother Rose in North Western Kenya. So thrilling as 24k is also named after Elizabeth's daughter Keziah born on the 24th day and a wink to our ancient Nile Gold herstory.

Akin Skin is further influenced by a scientific expedition completed by the founder to the Arctic circle exploring a remote area to carry out scientific research into how our lifestyle effects the climate and our fragile environment.

Our tradition is the pursuit of excellence, expanse of knowledge and in deed be a global citizen. Decedents from 1841 are in a wide range of fields from working for the Centre of Disease Control, Oxford Alum's, medicine, nursing, entertainment, educators, craftmanship to the pharmaceutical industries to owing their own pharmacy all in the quest for excellence.

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Curated Products
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