The skin is our biggest organ composing of three layers, from the top epidermis, dermis to the deepest layer, the hypodermis. These layers act as a barrier, defending the skin from exterior factors eg sunlight, pollution, climate change, lifestyle etc but also produce vitamin D & that helps to regulate body temperature. 
Therefore Akin Skin products use clean, organic, pure formulations and ingredients to care for the largest organ of our skin 

The Art List

Fermentation As An Art

Enter into the Art world of The Akin Skin House artistry of fermentation that works like science to express the true biological nature of botanitical herbs and their active compounds. The process allows the digestion of ingredients to unlock and transform into micronutrients  that can easily absorb into the skin’s dermis. 

Our timeless procedure to ferment processes through from three (3) to five (5) months to create a build-up of synergy that beautify’s and boosts the pure ingredients that generate exquisite absolute wonderful elixir’s.

Akin Skin takes a particular perception of wanting to collaborate with artists, scientists and beauty enthusiasts. The founder Elizabeth has previously exhibited her art work in the Blackheath Gallery, London and the Jacob Javits Convention Centre, New York City. AKN SKN aims to continue in the pursuit of perfection in quality craftmanship while reinventing product packaging. 


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